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Carnival’s First Japanese Cruise Terminal

Japan is expecting a new cruise terminal in their port city of Sasebo. Berenblum Busch Architects (BBA) have unveiled their designs for Carnival Corporation’s Uragashira Cruise Terminal, as part of the Japanese government’s plans to develop its ports and satisfy the increasing popularity of cruise travellers to the area. 

The planned one-story, 50,000 square-foot building will service many cruise ships mainly travelling to Japan from mainland China.  Tucked in between Sasebo Bay and the mountains, the terminal will form part of the surrounding green landscape, designed to take into account not only Sasebo’s low-scale surrounding but also the culture, building traditions and landscape of this beautiful region.

Mindful of designing a cruise terminal in a natural park, but also in a region prone to typhoons and earthquakes, BBA’s design consists mainly of concrete and glass walls, with locally sourced steel frame.  It’s cool, curving roof will stretch beyond the walls of the building and out towards the green hills of Sasebo, connecting the sea with the beautiful surrounding landscape.  Skylights have also been incorporated into BBA’s roof design to ensure maximum light resource whilst simultaneously affording sun protection.

Expected to be operational by 2020, in time for the Tokyo Olympic Games, the terminal will incorporate retail spaces and a public plaza.

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