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Superyacht Crew Unpaid Wages!

Superyacht crew paid.  Thanks to Nautilus.

In this landmark case, the global trade union Nautilus has worked tirelessly to secure payment for 40 abandoned and unpaid crew members of multi-millionaire’s superyacht, Indian Empress.  

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Merchant Navy Union’, Nautilus is the global maritime professionals’ union and traditionally protects its members who work at sea and ashore in all waterborne transport sectors, but mainly freight, vessels and cruise ships.

For the first time, they have stepped in to help superyacht crew who were left unpaid for four months, each owed between $6,250 and $92,000.

Abandoned by its Indian owner, Vijay Mallya, arrested in the UK following the Indian’s government request for his extradition over an alleged debt of more than £1bn, Indian Empress was impounded in Malta to enforce a maritime lien seeking payment of outstanding costs.

Nautilus continues attempts to recover this additional US$330,000 in unpaid wages and costs on behalf of its members.

Making use of the provisions of the international Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), Nautilus has managed to secure more than $615,000 already, ensuring the Norwegian protection and indemnity insurance specialists Skuld paid the crew concerned.

 ‘Superyacht crew members can experience exploitation and abuse which is why Nautilus has become increasingly involved in such justice cases,’ said director of legal services Charles Boyle.

‘Our ability to enforce the financial security provisions of the Maritime Labour Convention – for the first time in superyacht industry – shows the vital importance of this international measure and the “safety net” amendments which were introduced to protect crew members,’ he added.

As Superyacht crew its worth seeking additional protection against abandonment, unpaid wages and unfair dismissal, to find out more simply visit https://www.nautilusint.org/en/ and join today.

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