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The casino is one of the most profitable venues aboard a cruise ship, drawing guests in to spend their hard-earned cash each evening. It is a bright, buzzing environment that offers as much entertainment as it does opportunities to win big. The sights and sounds of the casino have become synonymous with the cruise lifestyle. Candidates applying for casino jobs must be prepared to handle guests at their best and worst and put customer satisfaction at the heart of everything that they do. Roles within this department include:

Casino Manager, Assistant Manager, Dealer or Croupier, Security, Cashier, Slot Technician, Bar Staff, Host or Hostess

Daily tasks will include operating electronic coin counters, handling customers’ money, balancing cash floats, taking charge of deposits, managing the environment and atmosphere of the casino floor and monitoring players and guests to ensure that they’re having fun and adhering to policy.

Per international customs law, casinos may only run while a cruise ship is out in open waters. For this reason, casino staff members will only work when the ship reaches at least three miles out at sea and will be able to enjoy port days off. Team members may choose to work elsewhere within the ship or make the most of their free time.


The casino is a customer-driven environment in which guest satisfaction is paramount. Candidates must be able to show a warm, friendly attitude and have excellent verbal communication skills. Proficiency in English and at least one other language is helpful.

Managerial positions will demand a college qualification or relevant degree, experience in hospitality management or the travel and tourism industry and cruise ship experience. Less senior positions require a high school education or higher, with customer service experience, knowledge of a casino and the ability to work under pressure being desirable qualities.

Salary Expectations

Salaries within the casino department are handsome and begin anywhere between £1,000 and £2,000 per month, rising with experience and seniority.

Salary range

EUR 1000 to EUR 2000+ Per Month