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2nd Engineer

2nd Engineer
  • Job ID #31079
  • We arelooking for an experienced 2nd Engineer to join a well known cru...

2nd Engineer

2nd Engineer
  • Job ID #31078
  • We arelooking for an experienced 2nd Engineer / EnvironmentalOfficerto...

Electrical Engineer/ Electrician

Electrical Engineer/ Electrician
  • Job ID #30727
  • A Chief Electrician is required to join a luxury cruise company. Previ...

2nd Engineer

2nd Engineer
  • Job ID #30435
  • A 2nd Engineer is required to join a 5 star luxury cruise company! The...

Chief Electrical Officer (ETO)

Chief Electrical Officer (ETO)
  • Job ID #30183
  • We are looking for ETO's/Ships Electrician's with at least two years s...
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Engineering Officer & Ratings

Engineers and members of the maintenance team handle the safe and smooth operation of the cruise ship, ensuring that it’s able to travel between ports without incident or injury. From electrical systems, hotel services and plant maintenance to waste disposal, engine management and plumbing, engineers are vital to a host of ship functions. They are there to ensure that things are working properly and are ready at a moment’s notice if something should go wrong. In short, the ship only works because they do. Important roles across this category include:

Chief Engineering Officer, First, Second, Third or Fourth Engineer, Fitter, Engine Cadet, Hotel Engineer, Electrical Engineer and Electronic Engineer, Junior Engineer, Refrigeration Engineer, Motorman, Oiler, Plumber, General Maintenance

Your responsibilities will depend upon the role that you’ve applied for, but could include anything from heading and training a small team to the daily maintenance of structures and appliances. In short, your job will involve the safeguarding of electronics, mechanics and communication systems and the repairing of these things. What’s more, you’ll oversee manual operations and report to senior staff members should you notice any issues. Communication between team members is vital.


Cruise ship engineering roles are highly skilled and specialised. You must hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant subject and have a national certificate of competency in your chosen field of expertise. You will ideally have two to three years’ experience in an engineering role and must be able to show a level of competency with a range of systems and procedures. Written and verbal communication skills are also important. Less senior positions will require an excellent grasp of the English language, while supervisory and managerial roles necessitate delegation and leadership skills.

Salary Expectations

Engineering salaries range from £1,000 to £8,000 per month, depending upon the role that you’re applying for. A chief engineer will command more than a technician, for example.

Salary range

EUR 1000 to EUR 8000+ Per Month