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Nail Technician/ Stylist

Nail Technician/ Stylist
  • Job ID #30228
  • A new spa operator at sea is seeking a Nail Technician to join their t...


  • Job ID #30226
  • A new spa operator at sea are seeking an Acupuncturist to join their t...

Physiotherapist/ Masseur(euse)

Physiotherapist/ Masseur(euse)
  • Job ID #30224
  • A new spa operator at sea is seeking a Massage Therapist to join their...
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Salon, Spa & Fitness

Beauty salons, spas and fitness centres have become integral parts of the cruise ship experience, giving passengers a luxurious and convenient way to relax and unwind. Offering a range of treatments, therapies, fitness classes and training sessions, these venues have passionate and dedicated people working in a variety of roles. These include:

Salon Manager, Assistant Manager, Beauty Therapist, Technician and Stylist, Barber or Hairdresser, Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Gym Manager, Physiotherapist or Physician

The positions attached to these roles are self-explanatory. Salon and gym managers take care of daily operations, undertake staff training, check sales and manage team members and timetables, while technicians, stylists and therapists deliver a set of services to cruise ship guests, including massages, manicures and hairdressing. Likewise, personal trainers and fitness instructors run a variety of classes for all ages and abilities and create a varied programme of sporting activities for those visiting the gym. Physiotherapists, meanwhile, work with passengers to ease aches and pains that may have been plaguing them for some time.


Experience and training are vital if you’re applying for a position in a cruise ship salon, spa or gym. Fitness instructors, personal trainers and physiotherapists must hold a relevant degree and national certification in their chosen discipline as well as have health and safety and first aid qualifications. You’ll ideally have completed your training and undertaken one to two years’ work experience prior to your application. The perfect candidate is warm, approachable, well-groomed and boasts excellent verbal communication skills.

To become a gym or salon manager, you must show brilliant communication and managerial skills and hold a relevant degree or equivalent qualification. You will likely need at least two years’ experience in a managerial role, and fluency in a second language also helps.

Salon and spa staff should have training and qualifications to a high standard with a national certification in their chosen therapy and demonstrable experience across prior roles. Staff members must take care of their appearance and be friendly, approachable and organised.

Salary Expectations

Salaries in this department will depend upon experience and seniority. A therapist or stylist might expect to earn somewhere in the region of £2,000 to £2,500 per month, while managers will command more.

Salary range

EUR 2000 to EUR 2500+ Per Month